January 11th, 2012

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105. Nigai kajitsu [Bitter Fruit] (Kano Shiuko, Take Shobou) <-- depressing as hell...
106. Prince of Tennis (Konomi Takeshi, VIZ) <-- 気分転換
107. Spice & Wolf (Hasekura Isuna, Ayakura Juu & Koume Keito, Yen Press)

"there isn't a day I don't think about it..."
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last week, yoneda kou tweeted her results for 7 ikemen (good-looking) characters with whom she is most compatible according to shindanmaker.com and noted with amusement that 2 of the characters on her list are not human. [click here for original post]

2D and the idea of "character" is totally post-human in my mind, but what I find amazing here is that the 2 non-humans in question -- Totoro and Doreamon -- are floating around in some good-looking male (?) characters database. lol. I mean, I guess


Anyway, I don’t have a “real” Japanese name, but I tried the diagnostic thingy with my name in some variety of combinations and scripts and thought I’d share the results, why not? I mean, I haven’t looked deeply into how this site works, but all you are inputting is a name so the resulting meaningfulness is probably like a notch or two above what you get out of a fortune cookie…or, better yet, a capsule toy machine, either of which, well, if you’re anything like me, is perfect!

Oh, also, I love some of these characters to death whereas I didn’t know who other characters were, so I’ve provided series titles and picscam, why not?

why 7, pray tell? and like i said, picspam )


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