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2012 is the year of the Dragon and today is Lunar New Year's eve.

As the kitchen bubbles and the satellite TV broadcasts festively garish holiday programming reruns from China, I've found a moment to post this whack-ly edited version of an image I sketched for a holiday card exchange with [ profile] jedishampoo whose fic led me finally to embrace Minekura Kazuya Ming-Qing-novel-rewriting-love. This, I passed on to a cousin, who looked up at me mid-volume-1 and said,

"Wait, the dragon is his pet?"

Me: Yes.

Cousin: And the dragon is the jeep.

Me: Yes.

Cousin: And the dragon's name is Jeep.

Me: Yes.

lol. Yup and Jeep is totally the 5th bishie in ikkou. Seriously all, if you haven't read this ish, get on it! 

Happy Lunar New Year! Thanks for being around. May this year also be filled with the best fantasies and the truest stories!


Go 'head, you handsome flirt. Show them how cute Chinese dragon can be when they get some wingalings.

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last week, yoneda kou tweeted her results for 7 ikemen (good-looking) characters with whom she is most compatible according to and noted with amusement that 2 of the characters on her list are not human. [click here for original post]

2D and the idea of "character" is totally post-human in my mind, but what I find amazing here is that the 2 non-humans in question -- Totoro and Doreamon -- are floating around in some good-looking male (?) characters database. lol. I mean, I guess


Anyway, I don’t have a “real” Japanese name, but I tried the diagnostic thingy with my name in some variety of combinations and scripts and thought I’d share the results, why not? I mean, I haven’t looked deeply into how this site works, but all you are inputting is a name so the resulting meaningfulness is probably like a notch or two above what you get out of a fortune cookie…or, better yet, a capsule toy machine, either of which, well, if you’re anything like me, is perfect!

Oh, also, I love some of these characters to death whereas I didn’t know who other characters were, so I’ve provided series titles and picscam, why not?

why 7, pray tell? and like i said, picspam )


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